Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Announcement

Hello! I’m excited to share the news of my Cyber Monday sale with you all. :)

Tomorrow from 12 pm to 4 pm (CST), I will be accepting orders at a discount of 20% off my usual prices. That will make full-size bottles $8 and mini bottles $4 (plus shipping).

I will also be introducing my winter collection at the same time, though the winter polishes will only be available at full price: $10 for full-size, $5 for mini. 

This new collection is called Contrary Polish On the Rocks, and the shade names and base colors were inspired by various minerals.  

I will post bottle pictures of the new polishes at noon tomorrow, but to give you an idea of what’s coming, here are the shade names and descriptions:

Tiger’s Eye (bronzy brown with metallic gold shimmer)
Graphite (muddled grey with various shimmer/micro-flakes - gold, silver, pink, grey)
Obsidian (purple-tinted black with various color-shifting shimmer - blue and green shifting to blurple and pink)
Almandine (oxblood red with gold to green color-shifting shimmer)
Fluorite (blurple with green to pink color-shifting shimmer)
Dioptase (bluish green with antique gold and green shimmer)

Please see the sidebar if you're not familiar with the email ordering process, and please feel free to send any questions to

See you tomorrow at noon! :)


  1. I am so excited for this new collection - I wish you would post the pics now!! lol ;) And this sale?! omg - I told myself I'd be on a no-buy until after Christmas but, alas, you may have just forced me to break that vow two days into December!!! oh no......

    1. Ha I totally understand! I’d happily post the pictures for you if they were ready. I haven’t had a chance yet to sort through them and crop/watermark (and in the case of Fluorite, attempt to color correct - those blurples are so darn hard to photograph!). :)

    2. lol no worries!! i'm just being madly impatient ;) I'll gladly admire the pics whenever you have them ready!